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      Brock Weiss

      i was wondering if anyone has opinions on what the best digital tire pressure guage is? I have been looking at a few and the range from $30-500.

      Which brings me to my next question. Is is worth spending $200-450 on a tire guage for example the unipro or the Prisma tire guage or can I get the same results with spending $60 on a entry level guage? I know they are not as nice but in the end will they do the same job and record the same air pressure?? Or is this something that you don’t want to be cheap on and get the best guage on the market

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      John Anderson

      Last year I was at the track and left my tire guage at home. So I borrowed a digital tire guage from a friend of mine. I than went ahead and checked my tires with a few other people who had different style gauges. Than I was wondering who’s was accurate. They where all within a 1lb difference. The few digital gauges were close to each other. When I went home I checked the air psi with my guage which was brand new. It was a liquid filled guage that I just purchased. I sent the guage back and purchased an Intercomp digital tire guage for a couple $$$ @ JC Specialty. I wouldn’t trade the guage for nothing else.

      Hope this helps.

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      Gary Lawson

      I love my intercomp digital. Not a fan of the longacre. It’s my tool I can’t go without.

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