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      Matt Clark

      Any good ones out there? I loved Carroll Smith’s “Drive to Win” so I’m thinking about picking up “Tune to Win” as I’d imagine a lot of the concepts from kart to car are the same, though I could be mistaken.


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      TJ Koyen

      Kart and car tuning are generally pretty different. Some of the same things apply, but you need to remember a kart has a live rear axle, not a differential, so the end goal on how to make a kart handle properly revolves around lifting the inside rear wheel.

      I’ve found most books to be outdated and very general with regards to kart tuning. Things like the Arrow Kart tuning manual have served me much better over the years.


      I wrote a guide for the Merlin kart a few years ago but it’s a little outdated now, after gaining more experience and learning on different brands why things work and why they don’t.

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      Barry Hastings

      Tune to Win is a GREAT book.  Not as much directly related to karting.  One of the best things i have seen for karting is the same thing TJ mentioned.  The Arrow guide.


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      Matt Clark

      Wow, the Arrow guide is AWESOME! Not only tells you what to do, but why to it works (which I like knowing). Thanks guys!

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      Scottie Melancon


      Check out the CRG Tuning Manual. Upper right hand side of the CRG America page. It’s a very good read. http://www.crg-america.com


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      best kart tuning book you can get is the one you make when you go to the track and write EVERYTHING down. Everyone has a different driving style and different things work for different people. Kart tuning books only give you a general idea of what the kart might do. Also dont make a change assuming it will do the thing you want it to, feel the change.

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