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    Dave Holstein

    Hello, I am running an older MBA Las Vegas in a club race.

    Ive bent three axels so far this season, first was the EA/MBA axel, then I bought a Regetti Ridolphi medium, bent the from being ran into. Bought another one now it bent by just having someone run into me from the side on a start.

    These axels are bending very easily.

    Should I buy a Hard?

    Or are these RR axels just garbage?

    What would be the best choice for an axel,

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    William Martin

    Dave, I don’t know about the RR brand axle, but just be aware that if you go to a different stiffness axle, it will change the way your kart handles. That might be good or bad, depending on where you are now…


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    Curtis Cooksey

    RR make good axles, they are not more likely to bend than any other brand of axle. Axles bend because they are pretty thin wall steel and large diameter. Just like William said the handling of your kart is pretty important and the best way to keep your axle from bending is to not hit anything.

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      William Martin

      “not hit anything”? now really, where would you vendors be if that ever happened… :-)


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