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    Max Blum

    I put a newly rebuilt engine on my kart… I didn’t think to fill with gear oil before mounting. can I just fill it with it mounted onto the frame? do I need to ensure any certain part of the engine is level when filling it? thx.

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    Max Blum

    I just reviewed the Rotax FR125 installation manual and it says I should have filled it with gear oil before I mounted it to the mounting plate (inclined base)… so I guess I need to pull it off… or can I just do it while after its already installed? thx.

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    tony zambos

    The amount of oil for the grear case depends.  100 cc for a new motor.  50 cc for an older motor with nylon gears.  100 cc for an older motor that has been upgraded with metal gears.

    If you know exactly how many cc’s you’ve put in, that add to that to get to the 50 or 100 cc amount.  If you don’t know, drain all of the oil out, put the drain bolt back in, measure 50 or a 100 cc’s, unscrew the plastic vent  plug and pour the correct amount of oil into the case.  Reinstall the vent plug.  You’re good to go and no need to remove the mount.


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