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      Brandon Kim

      Hello, a the topic title says, I’m a total beginner and I’m deciding on which series to start in. I was thinking of entering in the PRD Junior 2 class in the LAKC (lakc.org). Any suggestions?

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      Joshua Guiher

      You are going to need to provide you area or local tracks if you know them.

      Your age would help too.

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      Brandon Kim

      I’m 13 years old and I live around the LA area (more specifically Santa Clarita).

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      Matt Dixon

      Cant go wrong there, just dont get discouraged.

      LAKC has big feilds with top drivers.

      So just set goals you cant meet and keep your expectations real.

      Get some support to help you from one of the many teams/shops at first but most of all have fun…


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      Hi, Brandon

      Welcome to the sport

      I honestly think your best bet would be http://www.bakersfieldkartraceway.com

      Check out their website, this is an awesome kart club, and it’s not too far from you

      Adams kart track and Cal speedway could be a bit of a distance for you

      Bakersfield is just down the grape vine from you, passed Frazier Park.

      Do you have a kart yet? In the market for one? Decided which one to get yet?

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      Brandon Kim

      Thank you for your replies people!

      @FREDDY SANDOVAL: I am still in the market for one. I’m trying to look for karts in classifieds and I’m hoping to find a kart that already has the engine I need with it, along with some other goodies. If I can’t find a deal like that, I’m thinking of finding a roller and buying the other stuff separately.

      As for the chassis, I’m lost. :\


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        Robert Brooks

        Brandon, If you’re considering LAKC, you must be in So Cal. What city do you live in.
        There are quite a few options and great people at great shops to talks to. I can suggest some when I know where you are located. (Oh now I see Santa Clarita)
        I’ve been is this sport with my family for 18 years, and Its only MY opinion but I would NOT start in PRD.
        In So. Cal, Start wth an HPV. (KPV)
        LAKC runs a great program, but IMHO I would not START racing in PRD. If you are really interested in this sport we want you around for a long time, so don’t dive head first into the deep end without first taking swimming lessons. Learn whats its all about first, get some experience, there is SOOO much to learn and then if you (and your family) want to run at a higher level of competition, try a faster (and more expensive) class.
        Here is the name and number of a person who specilazies in the New to Karting Individual, and has been around for longer than I have and won’t steer you wrong. MDG Karting 1657 N. Glassell Ave. Orange, CA 92867 714- 305-6123. Also try: 714-928-5278

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      Brandon Kim

      @Robert Brooks: I live in Santa Clarita. And I now realize that starting in PRD is bad because a lot of people are tell me this as well.

      Also, does anyone know any stores near Santa Clarita? Thanks

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        Robert Brooks

        Santa Claita: I think most of the shops in that part of the Valley have closed, They may still be working with folks, but the store fronts are gone. Anyone?

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      Brandon Kim

      I’m thinking of spectating a race first as well. Before I race and buy the stuff I need, I am probably going to attend a racing school. Any suggestions?

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      Robert Brooks

      My Suggestion:
      Come out the the F100 karters race @ Apex (Lake Perris) on May 17th.
      Also the Tri-C Karters race on May 31st @ the Cal Speed kart track.
      (I’ll be at both events)

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      Lawrence Doty

      In Ventura a karting school


      In Santa Maria another track you might want to check out. They have rental karts also…just call/email ahead. Monthly Club race is this Sunday, 11 May.


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      Have you ever driven any type of karts ( in doors, out doors ) ?

      Or have any type of racing experience at all ?

      If not, I recommend going to a place that has slower 4 cycle engine karts first, just to get an idea of the driving style, and cornering, braking, etc.

      You’d be surprised in how skillful you can get by practicing, not to mention this could help you narrow down what kind of chassis you wanna get.


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      Brandon Kim

      I have driven karts indoors (MB2 Raceway) but that’s about all the experience I have. As for racing experience, I am a big racing fan so I know a decent amount of techniques, like heel-and-toe, the racing line, etc.

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      Rod Hawkins

      Just as Robert mentioned, start with KPV/HPV100 motors.  The person he is referring you to is Stu Hayner.  He helps run the F100 series.  It is great fun for you to get started and Stu is passionate about helping people learn and get started.  We run at Grange (near victorville) and Adams (riverside) and Apex (Perris).  The guys are all very friendly and willing to help.  You might even want to come out to one of the races before you dive in head first, but I guarantee you will have a blast.  I bought a Leopard as my first kart motor and thought I was gonna race that level, in reality the F100 series is much more suited for what we want to do.  There are different classes, so you will race against guys that are your level and not feel overwhelmed.


      here is more info about the next race and series.

      Formula 100 Karting Series Round #2, May 17th at Apex in Perris, CA

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