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    Kerry Matthews

    In yet another installment of my “Bad day at…” series, I bring you a formation lap incident from Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, Ca. when a motor seizes and sends a kart spinning in front of me.


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    Bill Cox

    Dang…hope you’ll be okay soon.  Sure sorry for the mishap.  I saw the two dirt covered karts when we came back around on the green flag lap but couldn’t see the numbers…I was watching what I was doing entering turn 2 at speed.  Didn’t see the kart numbers until the cool down lap.  Guessing you whacked the arm hard on the engine.  No tossing pizza dough right handed for a while, Mr.

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    Kerry Matthews

    Thanks Bill, but I’m probably done for the season.  Prelim x- rays show chipped & fractured bones in my elbow.  I was on the wrong side of the track to take your advice and stay to the inside…  And we don’t toss our dough.  I’ve already cut back the fiberglass in the splint so I can sign checks.

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    Danny Chew

    Wow that’s a pretty bad hit Kerry. I’m glad nothing worse than what happened. Get better fast!!

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    Kerry Matthews

    Since I can’t edit posts on this new forum, I have to just add this new post with the url for the new ‘edited’ Thunderhill video.  So here’s the new one…


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