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    Joel Pinpin

    I’ll be going back to karting regularly next year but I wanted to do a shake down before the year ends to see how my gear has held up in storage. As far as the engine, are there any absolute ‘have-to-do’ tips before I start up my Rotax after years of sitting in the garage? A friend of mine suggested spraying some WD40 into the cylinder to lube up the piston before I crank her up. Here’s a list of things I can think up to do:

    change crank case oil, replace fuel lines, clean carb and rave valve, reseal exhaust, clean air filter, flush and fill radiator.

    Is there anything I’m forgetting?

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    Christian Fox

    I wouldn’t spray WD-40 in the cylinder, I’d just drip a little 2-stroke oil in there. I’d pull the reed cage to make sure they look/feel ok, and while it’s off put a bit of oil under the piston down into the crankcase so the crank gets some oil. Turn it over by hand a few times.

    I would also:

    -take apart/rebuild your fuel pump

    -replace your pulse line

    -overhaul your clutch (at least pull the drum and clean it)

    -Might want to run a little heavy on the oil in your fuel first time out

    Have fun!

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