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      Mike Peters

      I would truly love to race B Stock again. So much has changed in 30 years that it is hard to pull the trigger & head down that road. The real road block is answers to questions. I know what it took to run up front with the big dogs 30 years ago but what about now.

      Are you guys running heavy rigid frames (1.250-1.375 x .093wall) or flexi fliers (1.125-1.25 x 083wall)?

      6″ low profile stiff sidewall tires or 5″ sidewall tires to provide the illusion of control.

      Looks like most guys are running Reedjets which sounds about right. But what about maintenance?

      Most of the videos I’ve seen, guys are using lots of brakes vs the old tap um & pitch the kart sideways to scrub off enough speed then nail the throttle to power thru the corner technique. Unforgiving of mistakes but lots of fun.

      Leaving clutches. Looks like they finally figured out how to make wet clutches so good that they last for ever. If you can  do the math to set them up. So Horstman or SMC?

      If you can give me some guidance, maybe you’ll have some one else to race with


      Thanks guys



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      Cliff Brannon

      This a good group to race with. I don’t get to run much but they are all helpful. I’m running an older margay with Hoosier 60a tires. I still run TT75s.

      Definately go for good brakes.

      Hope to see you running soon.



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        Mike Peters

        Decided to go for F125 with an IAME X30. Bought a new CKI Chassis like the one Lindsay Read drove at Daytona. If you were there, you may have walked by it sitting on the kart stand in the CKI booth. Gonna order the motor later this month.

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