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      Michael perez

      Ok so my axle has been sliding on my crg kt1 it’s a m20 50 mm axle I believe comes stock in the crg. My question is is it thick enough to drill the axel so I can lock it in place with a bolt.

      Or can I drill a Lil to indent the axle what is safe I don’t want to mess it up balance wise but I don’t have any space for an axle collar please help


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      TJ Koyen

      Not to ask the obvious, but you have checked that all your grub screws are tight, correct? We used to use a little blue Loctite on them too.

      I wouldn’t drill into the axle. There have been plenty of incidences where axles shear off WITHOUT being drilled. I wouldn’t want to compromise it in any way.

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        Michael perez

        they all are nice and tight with loctite and the problem just started even though i have had countless races on this kart and I got the idea of drilling the axle from another lose axle thread on this forum if any of you are famillar with the crg kt1 with ven04 rear brakes where would i place an axle collar I’m sry for the spelling errors

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      Walt Gifford

      You’ve got space for axle collars you just haven’t found it yet. Grub screws are for keeping the axle from spinning in the bearing and should only be snug with blue loctite.


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      Tim Koyen

      Hi Michael-

      I really try to avoid using axle collars and would consider them a last resort, as they can change the way the axle flexes.  I always make sure the grub screws are tight.  Sometimes I tighten them, then back them up 1/2 turn and retighten them.  I also try to use the same screw locations each time I change an axle.  It gives the screw something to bite into, and it keeps the axle cleaner by not dimpling it up all over, which makes it easier to change in the future.  Blue Loctite on the screws will help keep them from loosening up, if that’s what is happening.

      Best of luck!

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