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    Todd Kageals


    I maintain two stock Honda shifter karts that my dad and I race.  Dad has been off track at pretty much every corner of every track where we have raced.  While cleaning/storing the karts for the winter, I noticed that the rear axle bearings sounded “gritty”.  I replaced all three of them with new bearings.  I noticed that when I tightened the cassettes it causes the bearings to drag a little more then when I leave them a little loose.  I also saw some thin grease that appears to be coming from the bearings.  How tight should I be tightening the bolts that hold the cassettes to the chassis?



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    James McMahon

    A little loose is fine, you want them to be able to move around a little. Be sure you have a good nylock nut, or blue threadlocker on the threads so that the bolt doesnt back out.

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Todd, if you’re talking about that pinch bolt on the cassette, the only way that would cause a bind is if the bearings are miss-aligned.  When the kart gets back on track, the bearings will find their alignment.

    It’s very difficult to judge how tight the cassettes are around the bearings unless they are in your hand.  When they are in your hand they should NOT be loose, but able to move freely with a little resistance.  You’ll get the idea when you feel them in your hand.

    Hope that helps….

    Chris Reinhardt

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