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      Brian Terpstra

      I am shopping new axle bearings for my CRG, and I see the cost difference between name brand CRG bearings and Shockwave bearings, the CRG brand are 4 times the cost.  Is that difference worth it or am I only paying for the name?  Thanks.

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      Patrick Roth

      While I have never disected the design of a CRG brand axle bearing, I personally believe you would be paying for the name.  I have run CRGs for the past 5 years and have tried a variety of different bearings.  I currently run the SKF concentra bearings on my outer hangers.  While I really like the SKF bearings because they are “serviceable” and have lasted me several years, they are quite expensive.  Before I went to the SKF I tried a variety of bearings and if I were to go back to a “traditional” bearing I would buy the cheap ones and throw away as needed.

      I could’ve swore that someone found a “serviceable” bearing that was much lower cost than the SKF but for the life of me I can’t find it?  All I mean by “serviceable” is the design was intentionally made to take off the dust covers easily, do a thorough cleaning, apply fresh lubricant, and reinstall dust covers.

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      Walt Gifford


      Sealed so you don’t have to clean them.


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