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      Adrian Yong

      Has anybody tried this?

      Will it stick?

      Will it remove the mirrored coating during removal if it can stick?

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      Kalvin Chen

      Why don’t you use tear offs?


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      TJ Koyen

      Most just use tear-offs to protect the coating.

      Never thought to use automotive protective covering. My concern would be that it would cause distortion but I’m not sure.

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      Adrian Yong

      Tear offs only protect part of the visor. Was trying to keep it pretty. The arai visors aren’t exactly the cheapest.

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      Walt Gifford

      Just drive in first place and you won’t get all that sand.


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      Jim White

      Unfortunately a visor is an expendable piece of equipment. If you cant afford to replace the high dollar version then run a cheaper one. While its nice to look good, looks never won a motor race. Spend a limited budget on what makes you fast. Not what makes you look good.

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