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    Are there any products out there that will self lubricate chains that are small and practical enough to be used?

    Hypothetically something that had a mechanism to only release lubrication when movement is detected.

    Perhaps a pendulum pump?

    Something that has fine precision adjustment to tune optimal flow rates to the application and specific need?

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    I would prefer karts never have them. As soon as one fails on track you have a guy driving around oiling down the racing line not even realizing he’s doing it.

    Spray the chain after every time you pull off track and you’ll never have a problem. If you’re doing robo-pong 200 then maybe consider an oiler, other then that, it runs ~10minutes at a time. Its really not worth it.

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    Dan Haynes

    Not sure but I don’t think they are permitted in most series.

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    We used to use them at Purdue Grand Prix. Just a drip bottle mounted above the chain. Turn it on when you fire it up and turn it off when yo ucome off (or it makes a heck of a mess all over the stand and floor).

    I think Dan is right, most series/organizations/tracks dont allow it. Check your local listings.


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    Greg Lindahl

    Here, but I don’t suggest it for anything but roadracing and then only carefully so as to not oil down the track and pits.

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    Jeff Salak

    You dont need an oiler road racing. I run Tag and an o-ring chain.

    Like Paul said, when you pull off track when chain is still warm. Best time to lube.

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    Broque Ward

    belt drive is the cure for that.. has anyone ever  built a belt drive?

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    William Martin

    belt drive is the cure for that.. has anyone ever built a belt drive?

    It’s common in road racing, not in sprints though. Sprint kart tracks are kind of tough on a tooth belt drive. I tried it years ago, but it kept getting tire rubber stuck in the pulley teeth, then it rips the teeth off the belt…shame it didn’t work better, kart was always clean, no chain lube mess.


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    TJ Koyen

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Get a proper chain lube and it should still have plenty of lubrication when you come in after the session.

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    Jeff Salak

    No one hardly runs belts even in RR anymore. Less than 5% use belts.

    Broque they have had belt drive systems for years now.

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