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      Juan David Gomez

      Current standings after Canada:

      1-J Derrig 430
      2-JD Gomez 418
      3-P Hir 391
      4-G Dzielinski 347
      5-L Andrews 323
      6-G Nelson 293
      7-F Brun-Wibuax 252
      8-K McHale 234
      9-J Martin 199

      Will it be back to Mercedes domination or is the home team and ferrari finally back to form?

      my picks: (subject to change after FP2)

      Q: HAM-ROS-RIC

      R: HAM-VET-RIC

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      Greg Nelson

      Dude, thanks for starting it off this race, been swamped, nice title and comment Juan David. Personally, I like Monster, white can zero carb. It was great to see the MB total domination halted at Canada and you have to wonder when Vettel will get off the snide. Early picks are, Qualifying: Rosburg, Ham, Ric and Race is Ham, Vettel, Alonso. Gotta wonder what’s going on at Red Bull, Riccardo finishes well most of the time, Vettel, not so much, anything that can go wrong, does, but yet is in fifth place, 80 points behind Rosburg, who has proven he’s the tortoise/hare hybrid. With 12 races and 300 points left, can Vettel start finishing on top and average 6 1/2 points per race more than Nico? Does Red Bull start team orders in favor of Riccardo with only 19 more points? I wouldn’t say no, but for either one, but unless something changes now, it’s a two horse, oops, Bull race and with Hammy’s rep, Nico is my favorite for the title.

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      Larry Andrews



      How’s about Ham-Ric-Ros?

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      Greg Dzielinski

      Q= HAN  ROS  ALO

      R= ROS HAM VET

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      Kevin McHale

      Q – Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso

      R – Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa

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      Greg Nelson

      Well, Williams has throw a monkey wrench into it. I think I have to change up things, Qualifying: Ham, Rosburg, Massa and Race Ham, Massa, Rosburg.

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