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    Scott Boito

    Jam-packed full of kart-related items.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  Please write letters.

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    Joe Ricard

    LO 206 is a great idea as it is the motor of choice for lost of sprint racing.

    However NO WAY will it keep up to any of the other motors currently allowed   Mini Max , KT-100 . World Formula .     Are we looking at slowing down Formula Junior?

    Too much weight in my opinion.   225 lbs with LO206 for JB throttle slide.


    Didn’t understand the comment about ICC.    Was this in reference to allowing hopped up mod ICC?


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    Scott Boito

    Still need feedback on these issues. Please write your letters to help us make changes (or not).

    Joe, please write a letter on the LO 206 with suggestions.

    RE: the ICC, yes it was in reference to the modded ICC motors.

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    Scott Newton

    Has there ever been any movement to have a second KM class for 125 TaG karts (or perhaps a third KM class for KT100’s)?  Regionally around here they’re all you ever see at the local kart tracks – but those guys normally don’t bother coming out to the autocrosses since they know they don’t stand a chance against the shifter karts (or the shifter kart PAX).  Whereas for autocross, you really need a shifter if you want to compete.  This means people who want to compete wheel to wheel AND compete at autocross, really need to buy two karts.

    I’m sure it’s a different story elsewhere in the country however, as the popularity of the classes shifts.

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    Scott Boito

    Scott, we partially addressed such an issue in the last item of the Not Recommended section where someone had asked for another class for the clone motors lots of folks are running in sprint series nationally. According to the rules, any of those motors can run in KM at the lower weight already, so there’s little hope of getting a sub-class for those karts. IMO, karts for adults and juniors are already on shaky ground in SCCA so adding more classes is not seen as likely.

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