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      Larry Dobbs

      Roadracing at the best track on the west coast! August 1st is the return of NCK to our home track where you have plenty of practice time in the morning and plenty of run off area for the races!  Bring friends and family for fun laps at the end of the day.  Bring your women so my wife has someone to hang out with!

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      Michael LaGrone

      We will be Heading up thursday night to take delivery of our new 250 Twin Super Kart BRC 250 FE, I wont have much time to run it this weekend I have my hands full in the 125 stock moto class. Depending on the results I may run it at Willow springs…. Looking forward to the Friday race…

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      John Benson

      Good luck to everyone Fri. and Sunday (if your doing the double). Michael thank you for buying that kart now I don’t have to think about it any more! So maybe there is still a 250 twin pulse out west ?

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      Michael LaGrone

      Thanks to all who attended the Friday Race at Thunder Hill. It was a HOT one, for those of you who dont think being in good shape to race karts just found out the hard way ;) I started the day weighing in at 428lbs and ended the day at 419lbs. lost 9 lbs of water weight.

      Any way on to other topics, the 250 twin did not do so well as I quickly figured out what all the super kart guys go through on a regular basis. After a bunch of jetting/tuning. 1st lap: pulling hard to the right, way too much over steer. and after one lap fell flat on its face! front cylinder stuck… bummer. But WOW that thing was fast (for about 30 sec)

      A couple fast guys showed up from oregon & Washington Mike Ray and Todd Olsen

      Race #1:

      2nd lap Mike Ray goes inside on turn 11 oops… dirt nap. Then Connor Sollis, Joe Hollinger my self and Todd had a go at it. Connor gets the victory in the Formula class and Bob gets the win in the WC Stock moto class with my self getting 2nd place in the WC stock moto class.

      Race 4:

      Again its Connor,  Mike Ray and Todd up front with my self with in 30 yards. With Mike Ray getting the pole, Todd 2nd and my self third in the stock moto class. Connor getting the win in the formula 125 class.

      Race 7:

      Mike Ray had trouble at the grid, at the last moment he noticed that he had blisters in the rear right tire… in that heat we all cook the rear right tire. Then he had trouble starting the shifter…So I by default move up one position and get the pole with Todd beside me.

      This race was much more competitive with Doug Ring and Joe hollenger in the mix late in the race. But at the end of the day Todd had too much for me and got the win by about 100 yards my self second and connor right on my rear bumper.

      So Connor again gets the win in the formula 125 class Todd Olsen the win in heat 2 my self the 2nd place in heat two.

      The over all win in the stock moto class goes to Todd Olsen with a 2/1 finish and myself 2nd with a 3/2 finish….

      Over all a great day of racing.

      Lets all get ready for willow springs, perhaps anothe friday night BBQ? The last one was a good try but we need more support!!! Lets go guys, how about some beer and BBQ friday night? Who is interested? Ill bring the grill.

      Mike LaGrone #16

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      Jason Santander

      Any info on Oct 11 Thunderhill?


      will this be new West track only or the whole track with west 5 miles?


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      Kerry Matthews

      West track only.

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