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      Rod Hawkins

      Hope this hasn’t been asked several times already, I did a search and didn’t find anything.

      I have never been into video games (I feel that kids and people need to actually GET OUTSIDE and experience real sports and activities) but since most of the world is on lockdown, I have considered getting into a little SIM racing.

      Has anyone used an old kart chassis and seat for the SIM chassis and then somehow attached the steering wheel controller as well as the foot pedals? If I were to do such a thing, I would pretty much destroy the chassis and cut off all of the parts that aren’t needed. But would just like to have something that is very similar position as my kart. Maybe its a dumb idea?

      If so, any insight into how it was done?

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      David Cole

      Hi Rod, there are different ones on the internet but I don’t know of anyone personally to do it. I think the first hurdle is to get the wheel console connected to the steering wheel struts. Then it would be connecting the pedals to the console next.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      That actually occurred to me years ago when we were just getting into Playstation’s with the Gran Turismo games.  I did have an old chassis that I could have used.  There were a half dozen or so of us who road race, that got together during the winter months to go “online” and race together. Great winter pass time.  At the time I was using the current gamer type wheel and peddles, kitchen chair and a small folding table.  It worked fine for many years.

      Fast forward to Playstation 4, GT Sport.  I got the up to date Thrustmaster 300 series wheel and peddles, obviously the Playstation 4, GT Sport game, and the $60 per year Sony subscription to play online.  My thoughts went back to the old chassis “still” standing against the wall in the garage.  You know, the one that’s always in the way of something!  I needed something better then a kitchen chair and a folding table to go online racing!

      Looking it over, I realized I’d have some serious modifications to do.  Cut off everything that wasn’t needed (most of it), weld on a bunch of tabs and plates to hold the wheel and peddles (I don’t have a welder), and rewire the peddles to work spaced further apart to fit the kart better (I am no electrical guy)!  It would be heavy for a play seat, and not very convenient to store.  AND, here’s a big one…. we road race, so we spend a half hour in one of our races, and when it’s over, you really want to get out of the thing!  We can spend THREE (3) hours during an evening online racing!  How much can your butt take?  Now I’m 71 with two artificial hips and one knee, so your endurance may be much better then mine.

      I don’t have a dedicated video game room, so it had to be portable and easy to set up and take down.  I spent too many hours online searching for something right for my needs.  What I came up with is a Playseat Challenge.  Folds up with the wheel and peddles attached,  open it up, plug it in and you’re ready to go.  It’s very adjustable for your size and seating position preference.  It will fold up and stand in a corner, but still light enough to carry around.  It’s about $200ish.

      The old kart idea would make a really neat project, but in the end may not be the hot setup for video racing.

      Either way, have fun,

      Clark Sr.

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