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      tony zambos

      Stripped out the bolt in the speed sensor collar on the rear axle last weekend. We have a GPS module so I have a speed trace. Does anyone see a need to have both?

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      Walt Gifford

      RPM tells you everything you need to know.


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      Sanford Mitz

      We’ve been using GPS exclusively for the last several years on all three of our karts. BTW, we find the MPH and track mapping extremely helpful. I really don’t see the need for both.

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      Gary Lawson

      As a driving instructor rpm does not tell you “everything you need to know.” The speed sensor is unnecessary if you have gps.

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      tony zambos

      I kept the speed sensor after acquiring a GPS module with the thoughts I could see clutch slip and lost traction at the rear of the kart. But if there were any of those conditions, by the time I saw them late at night on a race day or the week after a race it was way too late. Will keep relying on the best sensor in the kart, the driver. Thanks for your comments.

      P.S. and it will be one less thing to remove and put back on during an axle swap. :)

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Larry Hayashigawa

      I have a MyChron 4 and use the speed sensor.  If using the Split Time or Time Compare is important then the speed sensor is needed.  I found that the GPS data for the M4 drifted too much, even when comparing data from the start and the end of the day.  The speed sensor old data (months old) could be overlaid with new data without resorting to shifting the time.





      Aim says that the M5 is much better, I don’t know, as I haven’t tried one yet.

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      jt colegrove

      Front wheelspeed is more useful than rear wheel speed.  If you’ve got front, you can really accurately identify wheelspin on corner exit with this math channel:


      (front wheel speed/(engine RPM/1000))

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