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      Rod Hawkins

      I am always a little over weight for my class, we can do 360 lbs and use a KPV with a 3 pipe or at 390 lbs run a 4 pipe. The last race, I was at 375 lbs with a 1/4 tank of fuel left in the stock 8.5L tank. I have lost 7 lbs since then, but even when I get to where I want to be wt wise, I am still a little heavy and I don’t like the idea of adding 20-30 lbs of lead to the chassis to run at 390 and 4 pipe.

      I have a Tony 401 and use the standard tank which I think it like 8.5L, and I always just fill it about 1/3 full and go through all practice, heats and warm up and then I don’t have to refuel til usually the main.

      My thought is to get the smaller 2 or 3L or so tank (it doesn’t appear that Tony makes one of these avail for the 401 chassis, but there are after market options). I figure I really shouldn’t be running this much fuel and especially in my heat races and qualifying, I could easily save a few pounds. Not a huge deal, but since I am already carrying a few extra and working like crazy to lose it, a few more would sure be nice!

      We usually run 7-8 lap heats and qualif and 15-16 lap mains. Running KPV with 3 pipe at 360-370 lbs (since I know all of this makes a difference on how much fuel is consumed).

      Hope this isn’t a dumb question, as I have only been karting for a few years and trying to start maximizing every way I can.

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      Walt Gifford

      I’ve run the Jr plastic tank and the aluminum 2qt. and I use about 1-1/2 pints with a KT100. I fill 3/4 full and have enough at the end so I don’t starve for fuel. Best thing is you don’t have allot of fuel left over after the races and the plastic tank is easy to take off and clean.


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