Home Forums Classifieds Classifieds – Parts Anyone have a Sniper V2 where one gauge is broken?

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    John Reikes

    Cool, so do I. I’ll buy your one working gauge for $50. In case you’re thinking about sending your gauges in for warranty replacement, you can have my broken one so you still have a pair to send back.

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    Brian Spek

    turn it on, and then try a hair dryer on it for a few minutes, some lasers won’t turn on when cool.

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    Chris Bany

    +1 w/ what Brian said.

    FWIW: I thought I had a broke gauge as well. Turns out it was not working during one of the cooler months in FL. Has worked fine once it was warm.

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    John Reikes

    Huh. You guys are right. It’s hot as hell here in Los Angeles today. I just went out to the garage and tested — both gauges are working now.

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