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      Robert DeGroff

      I have an old set of MG Yellows that were hardly ever used, but are very dried out. Drove them hard this weekend in practice trying to get them sticky like a new set. No luck, dry, hard, and slippery.
      I know there are tons of different perspectives on tire prep, but any ideas how to get them soft again since they are so dry? I’ve heard mention of simple green or brake cleaner and wrap in saran wrap for a couple days, but is that just for treating the surface? or will it help reverse the dryness?

      Not looking to be competitive, just weekend warrior fun and use for practice until I save for a new set. Thanks!

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      tony zambos

      You probably won’t be able to bring those tires back to life. From what I’ve heard the effects of the tire prep solutions are good for a lap or two. Check with other racers in the paddock. Someone may have a set of worn tires that they are planing to toss that better than yours

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      Walt Gifford

      Tire prep has come out of the dark ages. Just get trac tac blue tire wash to clean then after they dry, put several coats of trac tac SST on them a few days before you run. Follow the instructions on the can and you’ll have a good result and run those tires down to the chords.


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