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    Ray Mcik

    Have not found anything as to a official date, schedule , class structure .

    Can someone post the info if it is a available ?

    Kart Race in Planning Stages for Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    The section of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the northwest sector – utilizing portions of the Grand Prix layout, along with access roads, and just a bit of the famous 2.5-mile oval. TaG and shifterkarts were employed, with a number of experienced racers taking part in the test. As Burrell mentioned, the course was roughly at 1-mile long, and the common feedback from the racers was about the very fast layout.

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    Gary Osterholt

    It’s not during the Indy 500.  It’s July 9-11.

    USAC Karting is putting the event on.

    EKN had the official annoucement as well.  http://ekartingnews.com/2016/12/06/major-karting-competition-coming-to-battle-at-the-brickyard-weekend/

    More info will be available February 1st



    Gary Osterholt
    GO Designs, LLC

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    Rob Hogenmiller

    Any idea what kart classes might be there. I’m looking to buy a kart, one that I can run anywhere in the USA. I’m guessing shifter is about all sanction bodies? Any other that might be in all at a cheaper kart?

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    Morgan Schuler

    I would guess TaG, Yamaha, LO206, and Shifter classes will be run at Indy.

    Choosing a kart or class based on what is run or popular throughout the country is a losing proposition. The sport is just too fragmented. That said, LO206 is probably the only class ran nation wide under the same engine rules with good numbers no matter where you go. Get a LO206 and have fun.

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    Jim Maier

    They put up a video of the track.  Go straight for a while….sharp turn….go straight even longer….sharp turn…. repeat 4 times.  Why not just hold the event at New Castle and make it a decent track.

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      Tim Landon

      Because as nice as NCMP is, it’s not the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  That’s why.  I think Mark would agree.


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    Gary Osterholt

    EKN One-on-One: Michael Burrell – USAC Karting

    It might not be everyone, but should be fun.

    Gary Osterholt
    GO Designs, LLC

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    Dennis Chappell

    Anyone interested in running a shifter at the Speedway race that is not running a Honda let USAC no you would like to be included.

    AS of now it is a Honda shifter only class. We hope this race will be back again so we need all the karts we can get.

    If interested let USAC know.

    Thanks USAC for putting this race on.

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