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      Charles Kaneb

      Are any series considering the new OK engines?

      They sound great on paper – $2750ish complete, direct drive with a decompression valve, based on the KFs for long life, almost 40 horsepower, within 1/2 second of KZs.

      Do you think this is a way out of the TaG-of-the-month club?

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      Christian Fox

      I think there is a series in California that uses them. I love the idea of them. Simple, light, fast motors that will stall and end your race if you do something stupid. That said, I think they are too hardcore for the US. If a series were to bring them in, they’d have to do it differently than they do in Europe. To start, it would have to be one make (karting isn’t big enough in the US for a local shop to support 4 or 5 engine brands) and the motors would have to be “stock”. At the CIK level, the OK motors are open to development and actual engine building. That’s not going to fly on a large scale over here.

      That said, it seems that the X30 has stabilized to TaG issue for a while now. SKUSA, WKA, USPKS, F Series have all moved to X30 and people seem quite happy with them.

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      TJ Koyen

      We tested the Rok DVS (essentially the OK engine) at USPKS South Bend in ’15. Awesome engine, so much fun to drive and they seem like a a solid reliable engine from what I hear from Europe. They are a big hit compared to KF with the drivers.

      I would love to have a pro-level class for it here, but the interest was never high enough from what I understand. At a national level, you really need 10-15 karts guaranteed every event to make the class worthwhile. That’s asking a lot from teams to invest in an engine they can only run 5 times a year in one series against 10 guys.

      Which is a shame because like I said, it’s an awesome engine to drive. Ballistic-fast, good powerband, direct-drive… It made the front straight at South Bend seem about 20 feet long. And the throttle was barely touchable through the esses.

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      Walt Gifford

      $2750ish? Does that come with a frame? no interest over here thank you.


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      Tim Landon

      just what karting needs, another engine and class, not!

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      Aaron Hachmeister

      If you could manage to get all the series with a TaG to convert them possibly but convincing everybody that this would stick for more than 2 years might take some serious working. Especially with IAME having the hold it does in both SKUSA and WKA. It would be nice to follow suit with Europe, however America has always had a tendency to do it’s own thing.

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      Nik Goodfellow

      The biggest barrier to the OK engine is that it needs to be promoted by a non-commercial promoter. For the big euro races thats the CIK-FIA. For the UK its the MSA, France FFSA, Germany ADAC.

      The US is almost completely manufacturer series, IAME, Vortex, Rotax. They have no reason to adopt a multi-manufacturer class. Although one of them could do what the UK did and tender it out to one manufacturer (UK chose Vortex but SKUSA would chose IAME). But it would be a risk and why bother. If they don’t run KZ (except for Supernats) which is monumentally more popular world wide why risk it on OK.

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