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    andy graham

    one of the state’s least known about tracks is calling it quits.  The karting track at the GoRally complex at the old Keystone Heights airport is closing down due to lack of business and high expenses (fixing rental karts) according to the owner.  I had heard rumors of a track somewhere around Starke but was never able to find out much.  Talked to someone here in town that has run the circuit, but sadly it was too tight/narrow to be a viable racing circuit.  The place looks really cool on google maps, and the guy who I talked to on the phone seemed bummed that he was gonna move on, but I mentioned sanctioned race events and he perked right up…but if its too tight, no good….maybe someone could lease it and improve/widen the existing track enough to accommodate racing?  the layout looks pretty cool, pit lane, scoring tower, fencing…its all there, just not wide enough…bummer.

    Theres also a road course there that looks like it could be super fun in a kart…could be some potential there for a new place to practice and race.

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    Brian Degulis

    Can you post a link to the google map/photo ?


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    andy graham

    thats the place…nice layout, yes?  they also have an FB page that looks like they’re doing well with everthing else they’re doing which is good.  Pretty sure it’s meant to run counter clockwise.

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    Gary Osterholt

    The track has been around for a while.  FKCS looked at going there back in the early 2000s i think.



    Gary Osterholt
    GO Designs, LLC

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    Sebastian Bacon

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