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    Donnie Leonard

    As the title states I am looking for an alternative to using the domed HRC piston.  I understand the quality is top notch with the HRC but it also comes at a high cost as well.  Thus why I am looking to use a different piston.  I should also mention that I am using a DDR 2001 cylinder jug with the vortex adjustable ignition.  I have been looking at two piston manufactures one being Vertex and the other being Wiseco.  As for the Vertex piston kit I am looking at part number #22685C.  I have used this piston manufacture in the past on an ICC motor so I have a good idea that its a quality part.  Then I am also looking at using the Wiseco 793M05400 if it will work in an 01 jug, I have no experience with Wiseco so an tips of either of these would be great.

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    Noah Stark

    I’ve had issues with the Vertex piston denting in in the center and eventually breaking thru.  I’ve also ripped a few pins out of them.  I like the wiseco 793 piston.  Quick break in, strong, and the dome will only start to dent in once the piston is well past its prime and change interval.  It will work just fine with your 01.

    Try and stay away from the other popular option which is the 2005 CR125 piston.  Its just weak all around and you will have to tune back the timing way to much to get it to live.

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    bo rougeou

    Noah,not to be argumentative, but we anal types who use the 2005 piston have had good success and no failures.  That said, I have a box of those pistons run one race weekend.  At the distance we travel, putting faith in any piston for too long can ruin a trip.  If this man wants to use the $51 Honda piston he must know that it is vulnerable and has limits like everything else.

    Pistons don’t last long.  Write it on the wall



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    Donnie Leonard



    Alright So i have had some time to get the kart all cleaned up and redone to be as new and fresh as possible.  That being said I am replacing my current piston at this time and I went with the 05 factory Honda piston.  Now my question here is there is a noticeable size difference than the piston I am replacing.  Is it a simple drop in and check squash or do I need a spacer for the 05 piston to make up for the size difference?



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