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      Has anyone tried the Time-Sert system for doing thread repair on a Animal exhaust port? I am looking for consences for comparison to the Helicoil and other types of thread repair methods. Thanks for any information..

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      Bernie Lacotta

      I’ve used nothing but heli-coils for thread repair and have zero issues.

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      Jay Sinon

      I have been turning wrenches for over 30 years in the northeast so I am used to working with a torch and rusted and stripped bolts. I have used both over the years as helicoils have been around longer, but my personal preference would be to use the time-serts. They take one more step to install them as they need to be countersunk but I have never had one fail once you locktite them in there in for good were as I have had helicoils come out with the bolt after a while. I have never used them on a animal engine but I have used them on the exhaust in aluminum automotive cylinder heads with great results. If anyone remembers the Cadillac Northstar ring recall you know what I mean, they had such a problem that they actually came out with special tools and a repair procedure when the head bolts let go in the block. Got to love aluminum!

      TaG Sr.

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      James Frantz

      Here’s a tool i sell to help with helicoil installation. I thought it would be a great help but they haven’t exactly been flying off the shelf.  I don’t get it. Maybe someone could explain it to me.  http://www.fastermotors.net/SpecialAnimalTools.html

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