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    Dillon Johnson

    Does anyone have or know where to get the 35mm bearings? I believe they are 35mmX72mm with 2 grub screws. They have a certain pitch to the bearing in order to fit in the bearing cassette. Or if there is a place to buy the cassette and bearing together would work also. Thanks

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    Ian Harrison

    Hi Dillon

    I can send them to you from the UK if required. They are £22.05 each and shipping would be about £30.00 for 4 That would make an axle set £118.20 (currently about $184 USD)

    I’m sure you must be able to get them in the US, perhaps others will post up.

    Best Regards

    Ian :-)

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    Sam Moss

    Not sure on where you could get them in the US but the ones we tend to us are SKF Y Bearings with grub screws, 35mm ID, 72mm OD. They are all a standard size of 19mm to fit in the bearing carriers.

    They only options is that you can have a choice of speed and load rating. By guessing I presume we use the highest with part number of YAR-207-2RF


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    Chris Reinhardt

    Seals, are another concern.  I got cheap ones in the US that had steel shields, that burned up pretty quick.  The best ones I ever had were whatever Russell installed from the factory on the Anderson.   They had nice rubber seals, and seemed to last forever.

    I went with a complete 40mm setup on the Cobalt chassis, sooooo much easier to source everything….


    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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    Dillon Johnson

    Thanks for the replys, Ian, Sam, and Chris. I will take a look at the skf bearings and something with rubber seals.

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