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      Stewart Willis

      I am anxious to see how our American Mini Rok pilots do in Italy against some stiff competition.  I am betting that Jagger Jones and Dylan Tavella will be in the mix..  Who are your faves?

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      David Cole

      It should be an interesting year for Americans as a good group of drivers from the Rok Cup USA program in Florida will be heading over as well. I am waiting to hear back from Andre Martins on an official roster for Team USA to the event so we can highlight those drivers heading over to represent the Red-White-Blue in Italy.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Charles Wagner

      To All the Mini Rok drivers attending the Rok Cup in Italy.  If you would like any info on what takes place and what you need to have I would be more than willing to help with any info that I can.  It is similar but not the same as here in the US.  When we went last year it would have been nice to know what I know now.   PM me here through E karting News.  Wish you all the Luck.

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      Mike Myers

      We went last year in Super Rok and going back this year in Shifter.  Drivers are a lot more aggressive. AJ got shipped every session but 1.  Started 8th for final but it went down from there, battery died on grid, started last, then got taken out. It was an experience and look forward to going back in a couple weeks.

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