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    Joe Morales

    I bought the new rib protector from alpinestar the first time out in it I fractured my ribs. Is this coincidence or do you think it may be the rib protector?

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    Andrew Pachon

    Can you explain the events that led up to your rib fracture?


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    Joe Morales

    I just  installed a new seat made by free line, slapped on new MG tires and went to Homestead speedway to test and tune. About half the way through a session my kart hopped and took the air out of me. I changed some things around and got better, then the kart hopped and it cracked the seat on the right side by my leg.  The fracter is on the left side at the top of my rib cage under my arm pit and at the bottem the rib cage the hole left side is killing me. Is it the new seat, new rib protector? IDk

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    Jon Romenesko

    How snug does your seat and rib protector fit?  I bruised some ribs a while back and I attributed it to an ill fitting seat and rib protector. They both should fit tight!

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    Joe Morales

    It wasn’t really tightly snug, it was about a inch of play. I’m skinny and the only thing that touches is is the rib protector and my hips and the rib protector does not fit flat on the seat it has more presser at the bottom of the R/P. It feels like all the side force is being directed to my ribs and not the side of my body.

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