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      Eric Stockford

      I see the entry is out for this event.  Looks like Dart and AKRA have addressed some of the cost issues of road racing. $180.00 for two races and a pit pass……..not a bad deal.

      Who’s in for this event?




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      Ace Rossi

      Wow that’s the following weekend of the WKA National race in Savannah.

      Will have to see how work schedule goes and the Roebling race goes

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      Jeff Metter

      Really silly.. First race of the season and no practice day. Hmm wonder when we are supposed to do engine break in and tune chassis for the first time ??

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      johnny brooks

      As I read the post about the upcoming Kershaw race I notice the date as March 19-20. On the entry blank I see no Friday road race practice.

      I look at my overall schedules I had put together and see it as March 23-25.

      So I go to AKRA home page, click on the ‘road race series banner’ and see that it is indeed listed as the 23rd – 25th.

      I see a button for ‘upcoming races’, hover and then click ‘road race series info’ on the drop down, get the same as when I clicked on the banner….March 23 -25.

      Go back and hover again on upcoming races and this time click on ‘road race schedule dates’ and Voilla!…March 18 -20. Uh oh, still shows 3 day event as of today.

      CLEAR AS MUD !!

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      Eric Stockford

      Loos like the fixed their website to show correct dates. I am sure they will run the “AKRA” open practice like they have at other races so we should have enough practice time to get all those motors broken in and ready.

      Does anyone know how the garages work at Kershaw?

      I didn’t see that on the entry sheet.



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      Eric Stockford

      Carolina Motorsports Park officials will offer open practice on Friday, March 18 as a part of the inaugural AKRA Vega Tire Road Race / American Sprint Cup doubleheader event March 18-20.

      CMP and AKRA officials will open the 2.3-mile road course for practice at 8AM and it will run throughout the day until 5PM, giving racers a great opportunity to get track time before racing Saturday and Sunday.

      Each kart will have to pass AKRA pre-tech before entering the track.

      The practice fee will be $100 pre-entry or $125 at the track. Practice pre-registration will be separate from AKRA race registration. CMP is working to post Friday practice registration on MotorsportReg.com. We will announce when the page is live.

      A three- or four-day AKRA wristband will be required to enter the gate Thursday or Friday. Road Race practice participants will be given a separate wristband (included in the practice fee) that they will need to display when entering the track on Friday.

      The track will be open to park beginning at noon Thursday.

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