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      robert smith

      Looking for an air shifter kit for my 250 shifter with an axle driven compressor. I know sharp shifter makes one but that ones out of the question. few years back shifter kart mag did a build on a Anderson mirage with axle pump but can’t find it. just don’t want to carry battery onboard like most shift kits for the compressor

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      Chris Reinhardt

      The right sized CO2 cylinder should last a whole race.. or even some of these small Lipo batteries wouldn’t add much weight or drag on the axle…


      Chris Reinhardt

      CR2 Motorsports


      XV Racing Products



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      George Sunderland

      Get a pingle airshifter for a Harley off of ebay (got my last one for $200 complete). Works great and way cheaper than Sharpshifter (I have both). The Pingel woorks with a very small battery powered compressor that will last for a typical road race. One problem with the axle compressors is they make no air when kart is stopped oin pits and sometimes not much at slow pit road speeds. I’ve ocme to prefer the battery compressor.

      Pingel also makes an all electric shifter w/ ignition interupt which may be a better option.

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