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      Clint Williams

      Hi all,


      I am 27 years old from Sacramento, CA (Northern California.) I ran a Margay offset chassis with a 5hp Briggs I/C flathead on dirt-track ovals non-competitively (had a track in my backyard and a few other karters had personal tracks) when I was a kid (elementary school into junior high) for several years and am now looking to get back into karting but was interested in trying out sprint karting. I am fairly certain that I will have to get a new chassis since my Margay is offset, but am not sure what motor package I should be looking at that would be the next step up from what I ran previously. The flathead was built up with a bored-out cylinder, bigger cam, Wiseco piston, 3hp flywheel, Tilitson carb jetted for methanol, Mikuni fuel pump, and a Horstman 6-spring centrifugal clutch among other things. It definitely had some go-juice. I know I will have a learning curve with figuring out how to drive correctly on a road course, but what motor package would be the next step up without hindering me? Looking to eventually go shifter once I am ready so what would be the correct choice for setting me up for that? Also what classes and support were popular in NorCal.

      I also have experience riding sport bikes on the track riding at Infineon, Thunderhill, and Reno-Fernley. Thank you you for all your input and advice. I tried perusing the forum and local track websites, but was a little confused by all the classes.


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      Jim Derrig

      Find a local track, attend a race a two, and pick a class that seems to be going about the pace you want or a little faster.  As you’ve probably guessed from all the complaining around here, things are fragmented right now on a national scale.  But what they are running or not running in Indiana or Florida should not concern you.  My experience is that if you go to the local track, the options pare WAY down very quickly and picking a class is not hard at all.

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