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    Abraham Jones

    I am using a WildKart adjustable thermostat. I can’t figure out how to adjust it. It looks like it has a set of three set screws that must be loosened before the temperature can be adjusted. I can’t get any of the set screws to budge.

    FWIW The thermostat is on a stock honda shifter

    Any advise welcome.


    Here are a few pics of the thermostat
     photo P1010004_zpsrjyhbjlz.jpg

     photo P1010003_zpsygdt0xf5.jpg

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    William Martin

    Does the knurled ring turn?


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    Abraham Jones

    I can’t turn the knurled ring.  I think the set screws on the front of the thermostat lock it in place?  Problem is I can’t loosen the set screws.

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