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    Chuck hurlbert

    I am looking for a newer chassis over the winter.  what does it take to add front brakes to a chassis.  is assembly based off the front hubs or off the front spindles?  I know some front brakes are brand specific like CRG, is tony kart?????    do other assemblies interchange like top kart, intrepid, OTK?


    I am trying to buy a new chassis, looking at something similar to a ’10 intrepid but I cant find many with front brakes and the ones with out have generally been cheaper even considering 6-700 for a new front brake assembly.  I know stuff will need to be welded on for a shifter but that’s easy enough.



    PS: if you have a chassis or know of one in the northwest let me know.  from what I have seen my budget fits a 2010-12 chassis as long as its not CRG.

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    Matt Dixon

    Chk your PMs


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    Michael Rutter

    The front brakes requires a different spindle that has Tabs for the caliper along with new front hubs to mount the brake rotor to, also you need a second master cylinder. I haven’t done it myself but I’ve heard it could be anywhere areound $800-$1000+

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