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    Nathan Jame

    What are the differences between driving a go-kart and a normal car?

    Please tell me


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    Matt Martin

    no radio or windshield wipers in a kart.

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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    A bad handling kart would still be a great handling car.

    When it rains you get really wet.

    Hitting a squirrel or ground hog in a kart is really bad!

    No matter how bad you bend it up, a buddy and you can still pick it up and put it in the trailer.

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    Debbie Kuntze

    No shocks-you really feel the bumps


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    Pete Muller

    They are almost unrelated, except for each having 4 wheels.

    The biggest difference by far is that a kart has a solid rear axle.  This means that a kart needs to become a 3-wheel vehicle in order to “turn in” to a corner.

    That constant transitioning from 3 to 4 to 3 to 4 wheel vehicle is why karts have track-to-wheelbase ratio, caster, kingpin inclination, scrub radius, and many other things that are totally unrelated to automobiles.


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