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      Chris Barrington

      Is there a special low-profile 12mm tool anybody can recommend to get the two “hard to reach” cylinder nuts off a ’99 CR125R when doing a top-end rebuild?

      I have a normal 12mm open-end and 12pt closed-end wrench, but it’s rounding the nuts.

      I can’t be the only one that’s gone through this.


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      Christiaan Bouhuys


      You need a thin 12mm wrench. I initially bought the MotionPro adapter but that doesn’t really fit either. Normal ‘car’ wrenches are too thick and will not fit.

      I ended up using the 12mm Beta wrench which is nice and thin and fits 95% of the times: https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=10726

      I also know of people that grind off the end of the wrench to make it fit. But I would get the Beta wrench and be done with it.

      Good luck…

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      bo rougeou

      The box ends you will find these days are too fat to get in there.  An old Craftsman from the 60s is almost thin enough,but some grinding is still required.  The Motion Pro wrench is way too fat but it is necessary to put your torque wrench on.  No tighter than those nuts require,grinding won’t compromise the strength of the wrench.  However, I keep those wrenches in a special place and use them only for those nuts….don’t want to chance them popping when trying to loosen something really tight.

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      Christiaan Bouhuys

      ^ forgot to mention: I use the Beta wrench in combination with the Motion Pro torque wrench adapter.

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      James O’Brien

      I like the MP adapter wrench. I actually grind off just a little bit of the 12mm side and it works even better for the 99 front clutch side nut.



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      Chris Barrington

      Thanks very much, fellas.  I just ordered the tools online and I’ll take another crack at it this weekend.


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