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      Can anyone please tell me what the best gear ratio is for Button Willow, and Big track at Willow Springs ( Big willow, streets of willow? )

      Need to know counter sprocket, and rear sprocket size with a 40 MM axle

      Anyhow, I need ratios for both tracks ( Button Willow, and Willow Springs )

      It’s been a real long time, and I lost my notes

      Any help will be very appreciated, Thank you.

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      Jimmy McNeil

      Freddy, if running the long straight, use a 1.47

      If you run the “kink” try a 5.0 you wont use all of sixth at the end of the straight but it works pretty good in the infield .

      Hope that helps


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      Awesome! Jimmy!

      Thanks for the reply

      How would the 1.47 translate into front and rear sprockets?  Front 19 or 20, and Rear at 24 teeth?


      Thank you again for the help.

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      Michael LaGrone

      It will depend on your tire size but I find this works for me (2014 stock moto champion)

      Button Willow 19-24

      Willow springs 19-23

      Streets 18-23

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      Thank you, Michael!
      Very good info, I really appreciate it. Very helpful
      I run 5 inch tires for the typical sprint shifter karts
      Either Bridgestone YLC’s or MG Yellow’s

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      Michael LaGrone

      But after reading Jimmys post, perhaps you should listen to him he is faster than me :-)


      fyi a 1.47 is a 17-25


      but I run a 50mm axle

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        Randy McKee

        Freddy, you may already know this, but thought it worth mentioning….

        Michael and Jimmy are talking about 2 different Button willow tracks.  1.47 is for the kart track (Jimmy is the man there for sure) and Michael’s gear combo’s are all for road-racing tracks.  19-24 is for the car track at Button Willow.

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      Michael LaGrone

      to get the ratio devide the large number into the small number.


      example 24/19 =1.26

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      That’s what I’m talking about, as I’m planning to run a few events at the big tracks.
      What club do you guys race with? I may be seeing you soon?
      I still race here locally with the KT100’s, but I miss my shifter karts, and I really wanna do the Road Race Tracks.

      Thanks for all your input. Fast Freddy. ;)

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