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      Larry Goertz

      I was wondering how many tracks are out there that have a class at which you can run high power engine combinations,

      I race in Minnesota and the track I race at has an outlaw class where the rules governing engines
      are two stroke max cc 250 and 4stroke cc 500
      I have run this class for years and my last kart was a modified rocket chassey with two parilla leopard engines highly modified, very very fast (won two titles) theres nothing like driving a white knuckle machine.

      my newest adventure I put a kx450f Kawasakii on an intrepid exploer chassey, handles very nice and is so fast and tons of torque,
      just wondering if any other tracks are cool with super fast karts,
      thank you

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      Walt Gifford

      Do you drive flat out? I think you might be operating at a much higher level than anyone here.


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      Larry Goertz

      We run a 8/10th of mile 14 turn paved road course.
      the best part of high horse power is that it plants you back in the seat so hard,
      and driving with the throttle at times,
      rear tire bill excessive, but a blast, a 500ft straight away is in excess 90mph
      would be nice if more tracks had classes to run older outdated stuff or outlaw stuff where building and engineering a kart engine combos, thats half the fun

      thank you

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      TJ Koyen

      Badger Raceway (Dousman, WI) has always had what they call an “Expert” class which is basically open, run-what-you-brung. I’ve seen old air-cooled ICAs, dual-engine karts, nitrous boosted Animals, Exciter shifters, KZ, ICA, you name it, race in that class.

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      James McMahon

      I think Eau Claire runs an “any three karts” class if you can find some buddies. If you really watch to stretch their legs you could run road courses with CES and run the unlimited class. Usually there is some pretty fast machinery out there. Twin cylinder 250 superkarts for example.

      Closest track is Blackhawk Farms which has a race in June and one in August. You could run up on the banks at Gateway in May too. KZ is good for about 119mph there, dual TAG should be good for 130 I would think.

      CES schedule is here: https://www.kartpulse.com/championship-enduro-series-ces

      I might have video of your kart from around 2006 come to think of it..


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      James McMahon

      Is this your kart larry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzR10fFvqIk

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        Larry Goertz

        HI JIM
        YES THAT WAS THE DAY i 1st put that kart on the track,
        was fast but i highly modified it after that,i figured out on iame air cooled k-55 engines the intake manifold bolted up to leopard so i booted stock 28mm carbs for hr 181 39mm then ported engines pipes and one radiator was enough because the high volume of fuel consumed cooled engines
        very fun kart but an animal to drive
        i retired that chassey, to now three races on my kx450f shifter it is a lot of fun much easier to drive.
        thank you

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