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    I have a 3 race weekend ( Rotax shoot out – Summer Nats- Rotax Nationals) X3 32/32 rolling or full package, Tag Motori 7 or Rotax. VERY FAST! Great Chassis! It won at Summer Nats and Rotax shoot out and finished second at the Rotax Grand Nationals- With a motor will depend on the motor package.

    I have 3 race weekends on it FWT X2 swept the last FWT weekend in Ocala. Rolling or full package. Rolling chassis $2500 – With a motor will depend on the motor package. Never Crashed!

    I have 1 Arrow X1 rolling or full package Tag Motori or Rotax. Rolling chassis $1200 – With a motor will depend on the motor package.

    I have 2012 DD2 Kosmic  rolling or full package Rolling chassis $4000 – With a motor will depend on the motor package.

    I have 1 DD2 X1E one race weekend on it this Jan at Challenge Of Americas $10,000 full package.

    I have a brand new DD2 X2 raced once at Can-Am roller or full package. This kart is spotless.

    <sKart Details:

    <sKart #1 – My personal test and tune chassis X1 used here CO for 2011. – $1200.00 roller could put a motor on it for you Rotax or Motori 7. $4000.

    <sKart #2 – 2013 – X3 three race weekend excellent condition won twice and second at Nationals. Will sell roller $3500 and with motor will depend on motor.

    <sKart #3 – 2013 – DD2 Kosmic. Raced two weekends brand new kart excellent condition. $4000 roller. Ran at Can Am  with me at Pat Acer’s and  Grand Nationals by John Crow.

    Kart #4 2012-X2 Pole Kart in Masters Vegas – Vegas kart with 140 laps never wrecked not one broken part other than some nose damage all week in Vegas with this kart. Added another 150 laps to this chassis at Skusa SpringNats no contact, no damage. $2500 roller or full package

    Kart #5 DD2 X2 – 2013 Brand new one race weekend. Roller or full package. $4800

    Kart #6 DD2 X1E – 2013 two races on it and a Track record. Roller or full package. Eric Jones has this kart at MMX

    My motors are all national race built motors with very few hours on them and range from $2500-$4500 per.

    Tires for sale see post for tire details:

    25 sets of very good Mojos used –

    10 sets of rain tires used, Bridgestone (2), MG (4) and Mojo

    4 brand new Mojo rains

    All sets range from $50- $100 at $100 price buy 2 get one free.

    >For all questions please email at scottfalcone@comcast.net

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    Allan Dawson

    Scott,  have spare PCR chassis that needs motor….DD2.  Can you send pic/prices on used motors.  Also, how “used” are Mojos and are they D2’s.  thanks in advance….Allan Dawson Asheville NC

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    Allan Dawson

    Sorry, forgot email in previous post…..beachmtns1@charter.net

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