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      Everything can go! Perfect Xmas Gifts

      We have a 1 race weekend and two days of practice X3 Vegas Roller brand new ran in the 2014 Vegas Super Nats. X3 – 30/32 Complete L206. Arrow DD2 and OTK DD2. X1 roller $1800 excellent condition, X2 Roller, X1E roller, along with (4) – Tag Motori 7s or (7) – 125 Rotax motors, (2) – DD2 Rotax Motors and 1 L206 Brand new . All of my equipment is in excellent condition and the all of the Motors are top National level motors. I can put any of these packages together for you on my chassis or yours, PM me to discuss.

      We have 1 2011 x1 in great condition. I finished top 10 at my second nationals with this kart and won some local races. This is a great kart and just won at the local level with Matt Nuton as the driver as well. This kart is in amazing condition for a 2010 x1. $1800 roller or full package L206 or Rotax. $3000 for a brand new L206 ready to race. Or $5000 for a Rotax ready to race.

      We have 2012 DD2 Kosmic rolling or full package Rolling chassis $4000 – Full package $9000. This chassis has 2 race days and 3 practice days excellent condition.

      We have a brand new DD2 2013 X2 raced once at Can-Am roller or full package. This kart is brand new. $4000 chassis or full package $8000

      We have a X2 32 roller $2500 plus shipping from NC

      We have a X1E 30/30 roller $2500 local

      We have a FA 30/30 roller $3000 plus shipping from NC

      We have a GP8 Stock Moto shifter as well in excellent condition $6000

      We have a 30’x40′ tent in very good condition with clear windows and all sides included paid $9000 sell for $7000
      concrete slab paid $5000 asking $4000 plus you will need to pay rent at TTAC for these spots. Buy tent and slab together I will make you a better deal.

      My motors are all national race built motors with very few hours on them and range from $500-$5000 per.
      7 – 125 SR Rotax motors for sale all top level national motors. 3 of these motors are Kartsports team motors.
      2 – Rotax DD2 motors for sale both need to be broken in.
      4 – Motori 7 and all the parts, coils, new clutches and old.
      1 – L206
      12 – Rotax Carbs
      10 – Rotax green coils
      6 – Rotax black coils
      Rotax parts for days new and used I have it. Just ask.

      Tires for sale:

      10 sets of good Mojos used – $50/$75
      1 set of brand new mojo from 2014 Nationals $200
      5 sets of rain tires used, Bridgestone (2), MG (4) and Mojo (4)
      3 brand new Mojo rains
      8 sets of very good mg whites with 8 laps to 30 laps on them all from 2014 Vegas
      4 sets of brand new mg whites rains $230 per set plus ship.
      2 sets of brand new mojo rains

      Mojo buy one set get one for free $50-$75 per set depending on wear.
      Mg whites from Vegas $100 per set all in excellent condition one or two sessions on most of them.

      For all questions please email at <!– e –>scottfalcone@comcast.net<!– e –>

      Scott Falcone
      S.F., Construction Inc.
      303-210-5991 (w)
      303-741-8656 (f)
      <!– m –>http://www.sf-Inc.net<!– m –>
      <!– m –>http://www.falconehomes.net<!– m –>
      <!– m –>http://www.falconeracing.com

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      Steve Gressel

      I’m interested in the Motori 7 engines, would you email me at stevegressel@gmail.com.


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