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    Bakersfield Kart Raceway is getting ready for their year end shootout pro race
    There’s gonna be lots of folks from out of town
    And the last time I checked the purse was up to $3,000.00
    Yamaha KT100 pipes and all regulations.
    Race will be held from Nov 29th to 30th, and I think you can camp out overnight.

    Will run Super Sr pipes, and YC Heavy class ( for the old farts like myself )
    Please feel free to check it out at http://www.bakersfieldkartraceway.com

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    wayne hayden

    what are the paying jr drivers ?

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    wayne hayden

    what are the paying jr drivers ? too years ago they said 200 100 75 and the only paid 75 for the winner 0 for 2and

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    I have no idea, as last year in my class there were only 4 karts (YC Heavy)

    I finished 2nd and only got a mug, I gess not enough participants?

    Most of the money went to the Pros ( Super Seniors Sports Man ) There were 26 karts in that class

    I believe Danny Vasquez won the whole purse?

    You may wanna ask Rusty, Dale or Orville, as I’m still a rookie here

    I’m still planning to come and see you there in Willow Springs before the year is over.

    How’s that new class coming along with the works?

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    wayne hayden

    cool let me know yea got a lot of guy coming next year for the club

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