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      brian downing

      I need a set of rear wheels and can’t tell what size is on there now, either 210 or 212. It’s hard to measure a couple of millimeters with a ruler.

      Either way, I was wondering the need for two wheel sizes so close together, when does one use/need 210 and when does one need/use 212? Vented, vs unvented, high volume vs low

      BTW: I’m running 7″ wide rear tires in TAG.

      My first guess on the high volume and vented has to do with thermal mass and heat retention, but 2mm width leaves me clueless.

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      Rob Kozakowski

      Wider wheel will reduce sidewall flex.  With the tire rolling over on the sidewall less, you’ll reduce grip and free up the rear.  I think there may also be a 214 mm option.

      It’s a very small adjustment… most people probably won’t even notice.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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