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      Brian Mossman

      Excellent condition. Unreal deal for this package.  4700.00  Brian 949-290-7317

      New Details!


      Standard Magnesium Hubs

      Special Designed Sprocket Carrier (Magnesium)

      Stub Axle Finished in Chrome

      Exhaust Bracket  (Blue Anodized)

      Floor Tray Improved aerodynamic

      5- position Steering Bolt with PTFE Bearing

      Renewed Lower Front Bumper Mounting

      Standard Details


      Blue Anodized Pedals, Cassettes and Tie Rod Tubes

      Redesigned Front Steering Box / Heel Rest Mount / Driver Panel Mount

      New Rear Cassette Flanges Specifically Designed

      OTK M6 Fairing Kit

      New Fuel Tank Mounting Bracket

      Chassis Highlights


      1045mm Wheelbase

      Unique Tubing Mixture (30mm ø)

      3 Position Rear Ride Height

      26 Position Uni-ball Eccentric x 10mm

      25mm Stub Axle (Refined Geometry)

      50mm x 2mm x 1020mm Axle Type C3.2

      2017 CK.SE Type Seat ‘Extra Soft’

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