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      Benjamin Lyles

      I have a complete race kit for 4 racers!  My name is Bron, and I have 3 children who raced with me.  A 5 yr old boy, and a 10yr old girl, and 12 yr old girl each had their own karts.  I practically rebuilt three of the four from the frame up, and installed brand new engines, and brakes, bearings, electronics and much more.  I started with my kart, a 125cc ROK GP 2017 model, Brand new rebuilt Freeline/Birel 4 wheel brakes, with all new pads.  Micron 5, 2-T  Two sets of wheels, and tires, for dry/wet conditions.  All of my karts are RACE READY!,

      I transport everything in a 16′ tandem axel covered 2017 trailer, it has an awning, generator, air compressor, spare tire,13,500 btu A/C, with heat strip, it has been wired, including a 15′ RV electric HU plug, and three duel bulb, fluorescent lights, and 5 outlets, and so much more!

      There are three other karts, one trainer, one Cadet, and one Kid Kart.  The Cadet is a Birel, with a 2017 60cc Mini ROK engine with only 7 hours TT on it.  A micron 4, and like new chain, and gears, all body work is in excellent condition. By the way, it comes with the helmet, jacket, gloves, Armadillo chest protector, and neck brace too! All fit most 8-10 yr olds.</span>

      The Kid Kart is a Tony Kart, one of the most well known, and respected brands, including the mother company OTK.  It is in excellent working order and has the coveted 50cc Komer engine on it.  By the way, it comes with the helmet, jacket, gloves, shoes, Armadillo chest protector, and neck brace too! All fit most 5 yr olds.

      The Trainer, Invader, I can tell you from experience, because I started out on this kart, with a Clone engine.  After spending a couple months of seat time, I upgraded to the kart I already mentioned, the 125cc ROK.  This kart, the Trainer, I striped down to the frame, powder coated it, a beautiful metallic teal/ blue color, replaced the rear axel and bearings, wheels, and seat, engine, added a Micron 5, and basically build a brand new kart from the ground up.  Powered by a 2017 60cc Mini ROK engine, it has only 5 hours TT on it.  It currently will reach speeds of 56 mph with me at 235lbs on it, my daughter gets it up to 62mph with its current gearing. By the way, it comes with the helmet, jacket, Armadillo chest protector, and neck brace too! All fit most 10-13 yr olds.

      Remember, this equipment was very slightly used, my kids never entered a official race, only practice laps, I raced one season, at two tracks, but all of my equipment and gear are in tip top condition!  Call me if you are interested, Yo can reach me Bron Lyles, at 904-251-5392. Or Email me at bron@roofdoctorsxperts.com

      For everything, I have over $28,000.oo invested, my loss is your gain, I am sacrificing at 18,700.00  That’s 10,000.00 Off!!!  If you think that is too much, make me a reasonable offer!  I have a complete 8 page .pdf file, I can email to you it has 6 pgs of pictures, and a detail listing of all my stuff.  So, hit me up asap!  Bron, 904-251-5392

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      Dan Ashapa

      Just a friendly suggestion that you list each kart and equipment separately. Highly unlikely anyone is going to want to shell out $18k for a giant setup.

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