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    Sean Swisz

    Has anyone read up on this new style engine that has been in the news every few months? The new 2016 “OK” engine with a decompression valve, direct drive, no wiring and a power valve for around $2300. I’ve seen little video clips and small articles about it over the past few months, but not really any deep explanation about it. Is this mainly for Europe or will this be standard for State side? Wasn’t that the reason for the X30 push to phase out the Leopard, etc?

    Tony Kart / Leopard

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    Sean Swisz

    Just saw this in my feed when I arrived at home.
    Rick Dreezen demonstrating then 2016 IAME OK.

    Tony Kart / Leopard

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    Walt Gifford

    The OK will be brought to US after everyone has bought an X30.

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    Greg Wright

    I’m afraid you are right Gif.

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    marc-andre hubert

    If they want to help Karting this crap has to stop, coming with new engines every few years, changing rules, rotax changing engines telling us our stuff we worked hard to get right is now not “legal” anymore really c’mon get you stuff togheter, grow the sport don’t change everything every few years, best way to kill it, wich you are.


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    Jim Derrig

    Before last year’s importer switch, the SIMA track at Italian Motors included a “direct drive” class that featured the IAME Nordam engine.  It’s a direct drive version of the Dragon (a Leopard with a modified cylinder).  I’m guessing from Marc’s description that the OIK might be the Nordam with a power valve.  If so, it will be one fast mo-fo of a motor.

    After watching that class for a season, I don’t see any direct drive class catching on any time soon.  And it will not be a replacement for the X-30.

    Just starting the things is a PIA, as you have to lift the back end, run with the kart, drop it to “bump” start it, and then jump in before it drives away from you.  So it’s even worse than a shifter (which at least can be started on the stand and then put in neutral).  The IM factory drivers all got one and had fun, but only a couple of privateers showed interest.

    Engines like this fill the gap between a shifter and a standard TaG kart.  Rotax tried that with the DD2 and it didn’t get far.  I don’t see much of a market in the US for this motor.



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    Sean Swisz

    Haha, I think you’re right, Gif.

    Mark, from what I read in many articles I saw online, this new OK engine is supposed to “level the playing field” as far as price and any advantages of the many engine options out there. They are trying to get back to the origin of karting by going direct drive, which I would love to see again. They mentioned getting everyone on the same package so there is limiting the drivers performance, potential, or wallet. You just have to buy it first…

    Jim, they have a decompression valve so you don’t need to lift the rear. From what I saw, you can just roll the kart and push the decompression valve down or have someone push you from behind. I understand what you are saying, but it seems this would eliminate a lot of cost for external starters, clutches, electrical components that fail, etc. All of which I purchased already :)  Hopefully I can stick out the Leopard until there is a stable package available

    Tony Kart / Leopard

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    TJ Koyen

    OK is being brought in to replace the dismal failure of the KF class. It addresses some of the complications of the KF class (clutch and electronics) and is supposed to offer something closer to what we had with ICA in terms of simplicity. It uses direct-drive, to harken back to the heritage of international karting.

    It still has some silly unnecessary bits like the powervalve, but from what I can see, it’s a step in the right direction.

    They had the ROK DVS engine, which is essentially what will be run in the OK class, on-hand to test this past weekend at the USPKS race and everyone who drove it thought it was super cool.

    As usual, the US will probably figure out it’s own way to either implement it or continue down our own path, since we don’t really follow the CIK’s class structure anymore these days.

    I think you will see a class for it develop in places, then from that point it will be a matter of whether it’s cost-effective enough to continue and flourish. KF was run here when it first came out, but the engines were too expensive and they had issues with clutches and electronics. If this engine can maintain it’s $2500~ price tag and be somewhat reliable, it could be a great success.

    I would love to see it do well, because I think it would be really cool to have a bit of class alignment with the international scene again, and it would be nice to have a pro-level class that isn’t based off the TaG engines, as they have their share of issues as well.

    Plus, I would like to go faster than a Leopard.

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