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      Brett Clatt

      Since there is a few topics about the availability of the kits and those topics are kind of getting intertwined with the upgrade kit performance and new motor discussions, thought I would start a new thread for those who already have and installed the EVO upgrades or who have purchased the new 2015 EVO motors……

      Here’s what I posted last week on the track results we had while testing the 2015 EVO Junior motor.

      Here’s some runs with the new EVO Junior motor on Monday at IMI here in Colorado.

      Elevation: 5,400′, Temps: 56-70 degrees, Humidity: 17%, Fuel/Oil: 91oct 44:1 mix, Needle Position: 1, Motor temp: 155-163

      128 main jet 13,148 rpm

      125 main jet 13,191 rpm

      122 main jet 13,210 rpm

      120 main jet 13,315 rpm

      119 main jet 13,024 rpm

      118 main jet 12,988 rpm

      117 main jet 12,721 rpm

      116 main jet 12,973 rpm

      We would do two hard pulls on the long back stretch to see what our RPM would climb to. Didn’t have any “popping” even with the 116 jet. Ran 79/12 gearing to make sure we got the RPM’s up. And had a new IW27 plug in. We’ll be going out again next weekend.

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