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    Alan Sheidler

    So, is this it?

    15 total entries so far in KM/KML

    That kind of entry activity will certainly put the class on probation, for lack of participation.  KM is not a “halo” class like AM or BM, which will seemingly continue no matter how few participants run it in any given year.  Add in that there are still many detractors who wish that karts had NEVER been able to run in SCCA Solo.

    Yes, there are many reasons why a number of former mainstays to the class are not included in the entry list as it exists so far.  And, as with the way things change, a certain number of people will quit the sport, or go on to another class.

    But this kind of precipitous drop is unprecedented.  Last year, KM/KML was the largest combined Mod class, with 38.  This year, it appears as though it will be near the smallest.  I’m guessing, but I’d not be surprised if anything less than 18 would bring a probation situation, and less than 22 will at least draw the attention of the SEB.

    Class Stalwarts not running or not entered yet:

    McClintock… Illness forced absence.

    Kline…  Another class.

    Vehige… New home purchase.

    L. Garfield… Another class.

    Roberts… Another class.

    Hill… Might enter?

    Segal (2)… Running a Corvette

    Lower (2)… Entering?

    Regganie… back to defend?  Brother Tom is registered in JA.

    Boito… No info.

    Durr… No info.

    If not driving together, many of those drivers brought along a co-driver, so that represents a double loss.

    Are there that many drivers waiting until the last minute to enter?  The fee goes up by a lot on August 4th, just a week from today.  After that, people pretty much don’t enter, since it is such a punitive increase in cost.


    So, what gives?  Is this really the beginning of the end?

    Geez, there are 11 total in the J classes!

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    Bill Schmidt

    Well, I signed up last night and my wife will sign up tonight. Shawn Hill autocrossed his kart on July 12th here in kc, so don’t know about any selling of his kart. Jared Langenfeld has been road racing his kart all season long and doing quite well, I might add. Not sure what he is doing for Nats. Anyone know if the Segals are coming out this year?

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    Alan Sheidler

    OK, I edited the list to include Marc and Suzanne, who are running BS/BSL.

    And I did not list Russell, who I expect to keep at it until hell freezes over.

    Still, we are at barely over 1/3 of last year.  Dismal.

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    Bill Schmidt

    My prediction is 20 people for Km/Kml total. I bet the event has about 1050 total, after all deadlines have passed. $170 is still a lot of cash for 6 runs.

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    Daniel Wendel

    As per facebook:
    West: Out
    S Lower: Budget
    Durr: Forgetting
    Boito: Racing Cars and Budget
    Langenfeld: Budget
    R Lower: Budget
    Newton: Baby
    Walsh: Baby and move

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    Scott Boito

    Yeah, I’ll be back next year when I can do the Finale and Nats – I don’t like the off years waiting for days between.  And driving race cars is so much fun, but more expensive.

    I think the numbers issue isn’t in effect anymore.  At the rate they add classes, I don’t think there’s a way to keep such a requirement…

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    Bill Schmidt

    I don’t know for sure about # requirements, but they did do away with GP.

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    Scott Boito

    Up to 22 now.  I think we’re safe.

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    Bill Schmidt

    26 when you include the ladies. Looks like the street tire stuff has exploded in numbers.

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    Bill Schmidt

    21 in the open class now. Who dropped out?

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    Brian Regganie

    Kate Regganie is out for at least this year because she has started college.

    Tom Regganie will be moving into KM next year. I’m preping a KM kart for him now.


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