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    Jim Maier

    I read the press release when it came out about the new man cup format and it didn’t make sense to me.   Spent some more time soaking it in tonight and have some Q’s.  The press release says the intent of the format is to give racers more track time.  But from what I read the racers actually get less track time.  The way it is this year is Sat and Sun schedules are identical, and the racers get on the track 4 times each day. Next season the drivers will get on the track 4 times Sat and 3 times Sun.    Because there are fewer classes the days should be shorter which will be nice for getting home earlier on Sun (or early mon morn).

    So what am I not understanding?  How is this more track time?  Will they run longer practice sessions and have races with more laps?

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    Xander Clements

    Actually, the class count of what they have now and the class total of what they ran together at MRP, their Grand Nationals, is the same: 12. I imagine the decision was meant to not throw a complete wrench in things, but try to spice up a spark and bring back the numbers that significantly hurt them with USPKS gaining this year. USPKS actually lowered their class count from this year to next year by eliminating Masters and nearly eliminating Rookie, on top of actually having longer practice sessions, (10 minutes v. WKA 5 or 6 minutes) and two heats each day v. one prefinal.

    I’m only using USPKS as a comparison here because it is WKA’s main competition, and looking at the results, it is where former WKA drivers have gone to now.

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    Jim Maier

    I talked to an official at the New castle Man Cup race and they said the major difference would be the amount of laps which will result in a lot more track time.

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