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      Kelly Read

      April 25/26: Lake Afton 1 (Goddard, Ks.)

      May 16/17: Lake Garnett 1 (Garnett, Ks.)

      June 6/7: Hallett 1 (Jennings, Ok.)

      July 11/12: MPH (Hastings, Ne.)

      August 1/2: Hallett 2

      August 22/23: Lake Garnett 2

      September 12/13: Lake Afton 2

      October 2-4: HPT (Topeka Ks.)

      Following the October 25th, 2014 KART board meeting, we will be working on the EVENT schedule.

      If anyone is interested in sponsoring one or more of the classes, let me know. $300.00 per class.

      THE MAN

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      Christopher Ragan

      No COLD races!

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      Linda Baldus

      I think they worked real hard to “try” and have some better weather conditions for our 2015 season. I can see at least 3 dates that will undoubtedly NOT be cold!
      And with at least two weekends between every event it should be a great season.

      Keep on kartin'. llb
      Raymore, MO

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      Kelly Read


      80-90 degree only!!!!!

      Thanks Linda!!!  Austin and I worked hard to make our 2015 schedule as good as it can be. Afton even moved there date earlier to help out.

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