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      Glenn Heidel

      For Sale: 2014 CKR SG2 chassis (CRG Black Star chassis sold under CKR brand name) with Mychron 4 gauge set and Tillot seat.  Purchased late 2013 with only 2 part-time seasons of racing.  Several wins.  No wrecks.


      Optional Equipment:

      Can be sold with or without European CRG fully adjustable KF-type front brake setup (these are NOT the huge shifter kart brakes; they are custom configured and assembled, super light-weight CRG brakes used on the European KF setup).

      2 complete sets of wheels and tires (7.10 rear, 4.5 front).

      All torsion bars for chassis.

      Multiple different axles, gears, brake rotors, hubs, etc.

      Rolling kart stand.


      This is all top-notch, winning stuff in very, very good condition.


      Kart Chassis with Mychron 4 and Tillot seat (no front brakes): $2000

      Kart Chassis with Mychron 4, Tillot seat and front brakes: $3000

      Call to discuss pricing on any other extras listed above.

      Call or text Glenn at 908-642-6667.


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      Glenn Heidel

      Minor edits.  Bump.

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